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Will Levi Die in The Last Season?

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Will Levi Die in The Last Season of Attack on Titan? Who will Win, Levi or Beast Titan?

Will Levi Die in The Last Season?
Will Levi Die in The Last Season?

If you are a loyal fan of Levi Ackerman, here is the right place for you. Captain Levi is one of the most well – known anime characters of all time. His skillful combat skills together his cool and calm nature make him has a large database of fan in the series. He is the only member of the Survey Corps to have the ability to knock down the Beast Titan. In the manga, Levi faces Zeke Yeager, and a lot takes place, in this post, we will give you all the answers to your questions. Whether Levi is alive? Will Levi die in his fight against the Beast Titan, Zeke Yeager. Let’s follow us.

  1. Levi Ackerman versus Zeke Yeager

Will Levi Die in The Last Season?
Will Levi Die in The Last Season?


The battle starts when the Yeagerists assume responsibility for the capital and attempt to reunite Eren and his stepbrother, Zeke, to frame another Eldian domain. In order to dodge disaster, Zeke is kept far away from Eren in an inaccessible woodland where Levi and his subordinates were in charge of looking after Zeke for longer than a month.

It was a pleasant afternoon and Levi was having conversation with his subordinates about how Eren was the last expectation of humanity, he notices that Zeke was overhearing their discussion while pretending to read a book. Then he tells them first they should kill Zeke and pass his power to Historia. After a while, Zeke asks for some wine, but Levi denies him any truism that it had gotten over. Suddenly Zeke cries out loud and the subordinates transform into titans. Levi realizes that the wine was mixed with spinal fluid and make attempts to get away.

Levi uses his Thunderspear to defeat the Beast Titan, which leaves Zeke ripped apart and bleed. Levi takes him on a carriage where another Thunderspear blast, this blows off Levi and also tears Zeke’s body in half. A titan comes and puts Zeke inside its stomach in order to heal him.

Will Levi Die in The Last Season?
Will Levi Die in The Last Season?

Hange and her troops arrive at the scene only to find Levi terribly injured.

Will Levi Die in The Last Season?
Will Levi Die in The Last Season?


  1. Is Levi Dead?

Attack on Titan\’s Chapter 125 reveals the fate of one of its best heroes. There is both good and bad news.

In the wake of Eren, Yaeger\’s full villain turn from righteous avenger to genocidal god. Chapter 125 of the Attack on Titan manga quietly reveals that everyone\’s favorite cynical captain, Levi, survived his explosive fight with Zeke Yaeger.

In manga part 125, Hange brings back Levi in a carriage. A large portion of his face is bandaged, and he appears to be unconscious. Hange depicts him as an innocuous man who is resolved not to kick the bucket. Hange appears to have treated him well for her to give such an announcement.

Will Levi Die in The Last Season?
Will Levi Die in The Last Season?
  1. Who will Win in the End? Levi Ackerman versus Beast Titan

It is most obvious for Levi to win as he hungers for revenge. He won’t let Zeke prevail with his madness. Levi takes the lives of his comrades very seriously as we’ve seen before how he goes out of control when he sees Furlan’s decapitated head. Now that Zeke injured Levi himself, he makes sure to get paid as far as blood. Nothing much has been revealed in the manga, but we sure do know there’s much left in Levi for a complete confrontation.


Will Levi Die in The Last Season?
Will Levi Die in The Last Season?

 Considered as one of the most intense amines of all time, Shingeki no Kyojin aka Attack on Titan is a Japanese manga series created and written by Hajime Isayama. Attack on Titan is a combination of ruthless fights and breathtaking visuals.

So, let’s enjoy its trailer in Season4 and wait to see its full season.

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